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No credit check Samsung Galaxy No Contract Galaxy No Down Payment Free month of Wireless


No Credit Checks

No Contracts

No Deposits

No Down Payments


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All of our Products are Offered on a Lease-To-Own Basis

With a 90 days same as Cash Option

To see the details on each product just click on its picture above.

Lease is provided by Progressive Finance.

Progressive Finance has been in business over 12 years and has in
excess of 10,000 retailers under contract. Approval is simple.
There is No Credit Check. Requirements: Same job for the past 6 months.
Make at least $1000 a month gross. An active bank account for 90 days,
and no unpaid insufficients the past 30 days.

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Hole Marketing, LLC has 2 basic objectives:

First, helping those of you who are short of cash -
or have damaged credit – or both – to be able to
enjoy the products you want by offering financing.

Second – and this is optional – Giving you the
opportunity to earn some extra money each month.

We provide products people want, need and are already using.

Cell Phones & Service – Big Flat Screen TV’s -
Laptops – Tablets – iPads

You can make commissions on all of it*. In fact not
only do you make commissions on what you sell by
advertising for free – on Craigslist – but you also get paid
on what your friends and customers sell as well*.
*This offer does not apply to cell phones

Our Customer Base is our Sales Team!

Become a customer and a rep. Advertise our products
for free on Craigslist and similar places and make
$50 per sale*. If your friends – and customers become
reps, you will make $25 from their sales*.
*This offer does not apply to cell phones

The process is simple.

Lease the product you want with No Credit Check

90 days same as cash or 12-month lease program

Post ads for free on Craigslist using a free website -
just like this one – register at the very top

You are paid 3 ways:

When one of your ads creates a sale
When one of your customers ads creates a sale
When someone switches their cell service to Solavei

Another way you can make money, and the most profitable,
is switching your cell service to Solavei Wireless.

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Would you like to have unlimited voice, text,
and data for $49 a month? OR FOR FREE?

Find out how to get free cell service – Click on
“About Us – Free Phone Services” at the top of this page.


Get SOLAVEI, and Us to pay for your leased products

$58 Rebate to You when leasing anything in our store
(This offer does not apply to the Galaxy Note II)

$58 pays for your first month of service and sim card -
keep your own phone – keep your same phone number

Unlimited Talk .. Unlimited Text .. Unlimited Data

$49 dollars per month

on a Nationwide 4G cell network

Here is all you need to qualify for a product:

Same job for at least 6 months

Have a bank account for at least 90 days

Make at least $1,000 per month gross

That’s it!

Apply for No Credit Check Financing >>>- click here

We never see your personal information -
this is linked directly to Progressive Finance

Quick Easy Steps:

Go to “Store” at the top of the page or Order Now below. Read the descriptions and details with the
“More info” button. Then add to cart. Now check out using “offline” payment.

Then fill out the Progressive Finance application. Once you are pre-approved, you might need
to fax or scan/email copies of a recent pay stub and a bank statement to Progressive.

If you do not meet the above requirements, please do not apply. There is NO credit check.

The process is simple. First click on the “ORDER NOW” button below. Then go to our
financing application page and fill it out. Fax in what Progressive needs after your pre-approval.
We will then ship your item within 2-3 business days direct to you.

Our phones come with easy instructions and an 800 number on how to activate it — SOLAVEI.

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All of these phones can operate on any GSM network such as T-Mobile, AT&T, Simple Mobile, H2O wireless, Net 10, Straight Talk (Walmart), or any network that requires a SIM card – GSM.

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